Meet Ariel

Hello there.

I’m Ariel. I founded Holy Voids in April of 2018 with the hopes and intentions of creating an intimate brand where I could be a part of the entire process. My hands touch everything I put out there.

Some of my most favorite production things are…

  • making, of course! Finding inspiration, the process of designing and redesigning, all the little road bumps in sample making, and finally, making THE ONE that makes me so happy I cry a little bit inside.

  • meeting new people. I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many beautiful people through collaborating, participating in events, and vending. Portland has such an eclectic scene of makers, photographers, models, artists, and creatives.

  • photoshoots. I typically will style and assist for photographers, and I love helping to create imagery I’ve only imagined. Currently, I work with Brittney Merino (@byunbyunbun on Instagram) and our aesthetics have been jamming hard (jamming).

I do have to say that I hardly ever leave my adorable shared studio in NE Portland, but when I do I’m typically at home with my beau and our small princely cat. We make art, and talk over coffee, and mess around with instruments, and play video games, and watch cartoons constantly. I love ballpoint realism, slow brew Vietnamese coffee, guitar or ukulele, gravity shift or fe or journey, and binge watching anime or watching Steven Universe. If I’m not listening to sad boy music, you’ll find me listening to mo-town, funk or A Colors Show (It’s a really great international rap/hip hop/r&b channel. I’m listening to it right now). Also, Fleetwood.

My hopes for the future include bringing my company up to be a fully functional grinding entity (you know, from lil baby to full grown human status).

And I want a snake for my birthday. (everybody tell my beau, please).

In my other lives I was a Color Designer at Adidas, a home renovation assistant (mostly doing construction and interior reconstruction), an Assistant Manager at a Digital Fabrication Lab, a Seamstress, and a Professional Smoothie Maker. I received a B.S. in Industrial Design and a B.S. in Sustainability (focusing on Technology and Materials) and learned all the ways that the world is thoroughly and quickly dying, and learned some of the ways I could help fix it.

I’ve been sewing for almost 15 years (mom taught me), pattern making for 3, and in business for less than 1! My passions were always with clothing, but my struggle with the idea of product creation in an oversaturated world based on consumerism stopped me from starting my own company in the past.

Oh yeah, and also, my favorite place in the whole world is Bisbee, Arizona. You should go see it someday.

Now that you’ve gotten to know me on the level of a detailed dating website, I’d love to meet you someday.