Hand-Dyed Denim Duster

Hand-Dyed Denim Duster

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by Holy Voids

Handmade in Portland, Oregon.

Long Wide Shawl Lapel Duster. Sleeveless, with raw edges. Heavy Weight Denim. Pockets for storing all of your things in! A powerful statement piece that also looks stunning as a dress. This duster was left with raw edges, and a raw lapel shape, intentionally. Hand-dyed and dipped by me!

100% Cotton Denim. Heavyweight, but nice for Fall. Dry clean suggested. Hems, and sleeves will fray and might need trimming, but that was the intention with the raw edges. This is made of natural fiber, and will wear more quickly if machine washed. Hand wash and hang dry, or dry clean, for a longer life span.

This piece will be shipped in 3 - 7 business days.

One Size.

Feel free to contact me about sizing or slight alterations.

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