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About Me


I’m Ariel. I founded Holy Voids in April of 2018 with the hopes and intentions of creating an intimate brand where I could be a part of the entire process. Here I am, being, with the privilege of making and doing and touching everything that Holy Voids puts out there.

Right now, I am the owner, designer, pattern maker, seamstress, photographer, marketer, graphic designer, interior designer and salesperson

I do have to say that I hardly ever leave my adorable retail Pop-up space at Brick PDX (we’ll be here until March), but when I do I’m typically at home with my beau and our small princely cat. We make art, and talk over coffee, and mess around with instruments, and play video games, and watch cartoons constantly. I love ballpoint realism, slow brew Vietnamese coffee, guitar or ukulele, Gravity Shift or Persona 5 or Detroit: Becoming Human, and binge watching anime or watching Steven Universe. If I’m not listening to sad boy music, you’ll find me listening to mo-town, funk or A Colors Show (It’s a really great international rap/hip hop/r&b channel. I’m listening to it right now). Also, Fleetwood.

One day, I will own a tiny house in the SW desert that I can work out of while feeling the summer nights. BUT for now, I will put my whole being into Holy Voids until I get there.

I received a B.S. in Industrial Design and a B.S. in Sustainability (focusing on Technology and Materials) and learned all the ways that the world is thoroughly and quickly dying, and learned some of the ways I could help fix it. I’ve been sewing for almost 15 years (mama taught me), pattern making for 3, and in business for 16 months! My passions were always with clothing, but my struggle with the idea of product creation in an oversaturated world based on consumerism stopped me from starting my own company in the past.

Now that you’ve gotten to know me on the level of a detailed dating website, I’d love to meet you someday, maybe.

But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you
— MATTHEW 5:44

* Although I am not traditionally religious, this is a quote that helped me through it all.


A minimal ethos with a dark undertone.

In creating my line, I strive to find a balance between form and function, beauty in the simplistic and the brewing of creative forces. I try my best to make intentional, locally made, staple pieces for people to cherish year after year (hopefully worn until the garment is dead).

Each garment is designed, cut and sewn, made-to-order, in a small studio in Portland, Oregon by me. All items are made with minimal waste in mind, and scraps are used for accessories, one-off designs, or recycled.

My next goal is to be sourcing only from the right places, and using only natural fibers (due to their decomposition rates being within a few years) Sometimes it’s difficult to find the resources, but I hope in the next year to be much, much, better with my impact on the planet. I discourage the cultural movement of disposable fashion, and would love to repair your clothes for you. Please email me at ariel@holyvoids.com if any of your fallen soldiers need some mending.

Please read Elizabeth Suzann’s beautifully written article, Money Talk, on the cost of fast and slow fashion. It’s so informative and helpful, especially to people who don’t know anything about it.